Since the foundation of Christof Reinhardt Maschinenbau in the year 1919, the company engages in the construction of machinery and equipment for different areas of the wood processing industry. Initially founded as a specialist in the manufacturing of (water) turbines for sawmills, was the organizational and technical understanding of the various procedures and requirements in the various companies the foundation for future success.

The long-lasting experience in cutting and automation systems for the treatment of solid wood is the reason that Reinhardt became one of the leading manufacturers in this area. Already from the beginning, the know-how as well as the ideas of Reinhardt set the standards in how to cut solid wood. The engineer-driven thinking and the effort to deliver the customers the very best solutions always results in revolutionary new ideas, which set new standards for the complete industry.

So was the family-owned business the first one to present the first stop system with automatic saw-cut-releaser in 1965, and the first tilt hoist destacker in 1967 - machinery and equipment without which no wood processor would be able to work today. The development of holistic computer networks in the 1980s and the optimization of the handling after stacking are a proof of the pioneering spirit of the German machinery and equipment manufacturer. The cross cut saw TwinLoop, presented in 2007, is the first one worldwide to cut without any stops and with a running feed motion. The latest developments are the "SlimLine Speed" for highest performance with maximum cutting accuracy, as well as the compact stacking machine, for which Reinhardt got the patent most recently.


  • … Reinhardt is a leading, medium-sized engineering and manufacturing company in the field of cross cut, optimizing and automation technology for cutting solid wood.
  •  … as before, Reinhardt stands for supporting the customer from the beginning, both in the area of a rapid supply of spare parts, a easy accessible service hotline, and a reliable remote and mobile service team.
  •  … Reinhardt is a successful and still family-owned company in the 3rd generation - and even the 4th generation is already engaged in the company.
  •  … machinery and equipment produced by Reinhardt may be found all around the world, whether in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa or the USA. Therefore, Reinhardt has a comprehensive knowledge of the specific business and operational processes throughout the worldwide wood industry.
  •  … Reinhardt sets high technological standards, and is always flexible enough to meet the individual customer needs.
  •  … as in the past, Reinhardt develops the most innovative solutions in close cooperation with its customers.
  •  … Reinhardt guarantees the highest levels of quality, innovation, performance and investment protection, and this MADE IN GERMANY by 100%.